JSF Components Wizard

Anyone who has ever tried to create custom JSF components knows how it is tedious and time-consuming.

As someone once said "JSF component if pretty complicated beast". To create fully functional custom component, it is not enough to define component logic in custom UIComponent class and also to create custom Renderer. Additionaly you have to create a lot of attributes with special getter’s and setters that interacts with StateHelper in your UIComponent class, you have to spent some time on creating faces configuraion file and tag library descriptors for facelets and maybe for jsp technologies. Regarding TLD's, you have to write TagHandler class. In addition, it may be necessary to create additional handlers or listeners, and so on and so on ...

JSF Components Wizard was created to automate the great part of this work. Primarily it was designed to support the development of the Web Intelligence Portal. Next it was released as a complete independent application.

How it works

In generall, a JSF Components Wizard is a piece of code which can generate skleleton of source code of custom JSF Component. Application generates all required UI Component Classes, Renderer Classes, Tag handlers, Tag library descriptors, Faceletes tag descriptors and so on. To all this work can be done you need describe the Custom Component by providing set of simple textual attributes. You can provide this entity to the code generation engine as a object called "Project".

JSF Components Wizard provides functionality to manage and edit Projects, to define and edit all required metadata, and finally to run source code generation



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